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Aza Game Studio | Deep Rest FREE demo of Chapter 1 "The Awakening" Released! Full game coming 2017!

CW Deep Rest Main Menu Official Soundtrack

Deep Rest has been Greenlit in 11 days ! Big thanks to all my supporters!

The full game containing all 7 chapters is coming to Steam Q4 2017 !

Free demo out now of Deep Rest Chapter 1 "The Awakening"!

Download Demo:



Thanks for the support!

Unseen Apparitions Greenlit in 15 days! on 2/15/2017! My second title coming to Steam! Full game will be out approx. 2018 Q1-Q2!

Consider donating to receive special rewards + pre-order on my upcoming title's!

Aza Game Studio is a indie dev company, consisting of a solo dev specializing in the horror and rpg genre.

Currently working on two first major releases "Deep Rest" and "Unseen Apparitions!".