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Deep Rest coming to Steam in October!

Posted by Azaxor on 12. juli 2016 kl. 9.50 Comments kommentarer (1)

Deep Rest is coming to steam around October, the free demo will be out in the end of July or start of August :) Cheers!


Deep Rest is a psychological horror game, inspired by games such as Limbo & The Cat Lady.

With a deep focus on storytelling both direct, indirect & on unique features.

Utilizing a point and click interact system. Combining aspects of different genres & innovative mechanics, such as time travel & paranormal events.

You shape the story, you have the ability to make dramatic changes.


You play a lost girl, which discovers her mother has gone into deep coma for unknown reasons. Upon discovering the horrific news, you decide to end you're own life.

But when you wake up, you are faced with the purgatory world of Deadwood.

Engulfed by the mysterious forest that keeps changing shape and form, you soon realize its a dead end.

Overwhelmed by the journey, that challenges every emotion, life experience's & mental illness you suffer from.

You encounter strange characters & entities, which you later get to decide the fate of.

As you learn of your newfound time travel abilities in this world.

Figure out why you are stuck here in a loop, solve the mystery of what really happened to your mother.

Did you kill yourself for nothing?


Posted by Azaxor on 10. december 2015 kl. 20.05 Comments kommentarer (0)


Liveout is still in development coming 2016 this fall.

Demo and kickstarter on the way for December / January

Thank you for youre support more details will be updated here further.