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New Urbex Incident Tape Series - VHS Urbex Found Footage Collection!

New Urbex The Lost Tapes Series - VHS Urbex Found Footage Collection!

CW Deep Rest Main Menu Official Soundtrack
Enter the spirit world in Residuality coming 2022 for Steam! Wish-list:

CATACOMBIA Release date TBA! 90s VHS Found Footage Survival Horror in Paris Catacombs. Relive Paris' dark memories and relive the lost explorers experience through the recording itself. See if you can alter the outcome. Wish-list now on Steam!

Checkout the new trailer for AKAI NOROI - Full title released 24th July 2020, Now available on Steam!


Deep Rest has been Greenlit in 11 days!

Store page is up, and you can add the game to your wish list!

The full game containing all 7 chapters is coming to Steam. Release date TBD.
The demo is available below and contains a part of Chapter 1 The Awakening from the game!

Download Demo:


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Aza Game Studio is a indie dev company, consisting of a solo dev with a international online team, specializing in Horror Realism and VHS Found Footage.

I make games out of pure passion, i believe every game should be unique in it's own way

Benjamin Azaxor